Fowl Places products may be purchased directly from Fowl Places. Contact Fowl Places for currently available products for purchase.
(Above photo of male & female Violet-green Swallows on a Hanging Hutch birdhouse).

Email Fowl Places for specifics on currently available designs. Below is basic pricing information on designs (shipping charges and Washington State Sales Tax are not included in this pricing information). Shipping is available to the USA and Canada. Other international orders are not accepted. Shipping and handling for the USA and Canada on individual birdhouses starts at $50 and may be higher for larger design sizes.

Hanging Hutches
Pricing begins @ $160.00.
California Quail Birdhouses:
Pricing begins @ $160.00
Jumping Trout Birdhouses:
Pricing begins @ $150.00.
Bird Birdhouse: Pricing begins @ $175.00.
Pendleton Bobbin Birdhouses:
Pricing begins @ $300.0o.
Asymmetric Birdhouses:
Pricing begins @ $200.0o
Trademark Birdhouses:
Pricing begins @ $175.00
Railroad Birdhouses
Tall Trademark
Pricing begins @ $250.00
Birdhouse Planter
Pricing begins @ $350.00
Birdhouse Bench
Pricing begins @ $1,000.00
Birdhouse Post -
Pricing begins @ $350.00
3 Tree -
Pricing begins @ $700.00
Suite 16 -
Pricing begins @ $,1600.00.
Special Note:
If you are in the Northwestern USA or Southwestern Canada I often deliver these larger designs personally for free. Contact me for details!
All designs may be ordered in "Plus" or "Custom" versions. "Plus" versions add from $20 to $50 to the cost (more for benches and larger designs). The added expense is often due to the value of the glass insulator used in construction and greater detailed work with the metal used. (Please note that most of the birdhouses pictured on the Fowl Places website are the base retail priced versions.) Custom versions can be best seen by viewing the Custom Trademark Birdhouse at the top of the Additional Designs page and comparing it to those pictured on the Trademark page. "Custom" versions can double or triple the suggested retail price of a design.

Contact Fowl Places for the availability of birdhouses at retail locations that may be near you. Most sales , outside of website sales, are now done when I attend art festivals in the Western USA.
See my "Recent & Future Happenings" for more details.