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Pictured above and to the right is a female Violet-green Swallow peering out a birdhouse entry hole. She is just beginning to build her nest (April 30, 2005). This birdhouse is on the southeast side of a Ponderosa Pine in our own yard in Chattaroy, WA. Either a windy day this week or this bird placed a pine needle in a nook between the metal face plate and wood of the birdhouse door.

This web page is devoted to photos of birds using Fowl Places birdhouses and a bit of information, and links to such, about cavity nesting species and care/maintenance of birdhouses.

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Quicktime movies of a female Violet-green Swallow at the entrance of a Custom Hanging Hutch.

Top movie shows the female taking a quick peek inside the birdhouse at her young then eyeing the video camera set up not far away. Initially she was a bit wary of the camera. This Hanging Hutch is attached to the eves of our house just outside our kitchen window. The camera is set up in a planter box beneath the window. These swallows seem to like watching us as much as we like watching them. They will perch above the rain gutter just barely seen in the upper right of the videos and peek in at us while at the kitchen sink.

The lower video shows the female going into the Hanging Hutch to quickly feed her young (roughly two weeks old now) then leave removing the waste from one of her brood.

The video camera was let run for an hour. The female and male visited the birdhouse in time spans from 2 to 7 minutes during this hour (between 10 and 11 AM, June 18, 2005).

We have four pairs of Violet-green Swallows and two pairs of Tree Swallows all nesting in Fowl Places birdhouses in our yard along the Little Spokane River near Chattaroy, Washington (approx. 15 miles north of Spokane).