Railroad Birdhouses incorporate an old railroad spike into their opening mechanisms (roll your mouse over the lower left birdhouse to view an opening animation). The door is hinged above the entry hole. When the spike is pulled you may then rotate the bottom of the door out and up to gain access to the interior.

Each of the four birdhouses pictured on this page were made for bluebirds (1-9/16" entry holes) - door width is 5-1/2". Distance from bottom of entry hole to interior floor is roughly 6-7". Overall height of the birdhouse is 31".

Attention to detail is feature of all Fowl Places birdhouses. The ventilation gaps at the tops of the sides on Railroad Birdhouses are lined with metal - to prohibit enlargement by Flickers and Red Squirrels (pictured in photo below). The ventilation gaps are also slanted outward to keep rain and/or melting snow from entering the nesting compartment.

Gravity and two custom metal brackets keep the old railroad spike in place. Once the spike is removed the door may be opened.

Roll mouse over above photo for opening animation.
No two Railroad Birdhouses will look exactly alike.