The Jumping Trout Birdhouse is one of Fowl Places' animal designs. Each Jumping Trout Birdhouse is made from 7/8" or greater thickness old fence or barn boards and old metal sheeting. The trout's fins are made of narrowly corrugated old copper roofing. The "rainbow" stripe is made from newer red metal roofing/siding. The remaining metal sheeting is from the old Tonasket Aqueduct system (Tonasket, Washington - USA). All metal used is as obtained. Spots on the Tonasket Aqueduct metal sheeting are derived from natural weathering. No chemicals, stains nor paints are applied by Fowl Places on the materials obtained for birdhouse construction (see the Fowl Places "Features" page for more information on birdhouse materials).

In this photo a Jumping Trout Right is shown (back of trout is on left side - door of nesting compartment is on right side). The back/left side is constructed of Tonasket Aqueduct metal sheeting curved to fit the curve of the trout. The right side is the wooden door (see the three views of this birdhouse below).

Two sizes of Jumping Trout Birdhouses are currently made for both smaller and larger cavity nesting species. The back/rear, door, floor and front are wood - left side and roof are metal. Due to the more extensive use of metal on this design it is best not to place it in full sunshine.

The inspiration for this design came from the back of our State's quarter - a leaping King Salmon (see graphic and link below).

The three photos to the right give you a better idea of how the Jumping Trout Birdhouse is constructed. In the first two photos the metal roof overhang can be seen. The right side door can also be seen. At the top of the door a 1/4" gap between the door and metal roof is left to allow adequate ventilation of the nesting compartment. A wire "keeper" is attached to the old bolt which keeps the door shut (see animation below). The bottom cut of the door and the metal back/left side are made to compliment one another. The inner nesting compartment floor, which can't be seen, is at the level of the top of the Fowl Places logo/brand.

Note: The photos of this birdhouse were taken late in the day when smoke from wildfires in Washington State added an orange tint to them.

Roll you cursor over the photo below for a Jumping Trout Birdhouse door opening animation.

Jumping Trout Birdouse - Fowl Places - Rollover images showing door opening
Below are two photos showing the Jumping Trout Left version (the mirror image of the Jumping Trout Right). When ordering from Fowl Places please specify which version you would like. Please note that wood and metal coloring will vary. No two Jumping Trout Birdhouses will look exactly alike.

Although this makes for a great photo this is not a good location to place a birdhouse! Care should be taken when locating sites for cavity nesting species. As mentioned above, a full sun location may not be a good idea for this design due to the metal roof and one side. Also, full sun may attract Paper Wasps to any birdhouse design. These wasps love warm locations. Birds will not nest in nest boxes already occupied by wasps and may abandon a birdhouse should wasps move in after they do. Contact your local Audubon group for further information on the cavity nesting species in your area.

Design inspiration came from the
Washington State Quarter.