The California Quail Birdhouse extends Fowl Places' animal theme birdhouse designs. Each California Quail Birdhouse is made from 7/8" or greater thickness old fence or barn boards and old metal sheeting. The quail's topknot is cut from a section of old, rusty metal banding/strapping. The quail's wing coverings are made from various old metal sheeting and the legs are made from thick gauged old copper wire that is wrapped with old iron wire near the feet. The quail's back is made of wood and acts as the door to the nesting compartment. This door is held in place by wooden guides and a large old metal bolt with nut. The remaining metal sheeting covering the head (roof) and right side is from the old Tonasket Aqueduct system (Tonasket, Washington - USA). All metal used is as obtained. No chemicals, stains nor paints are applied by Fowl Places on the materials obtained for birdhouse construction (see the Fowl Places "Features" page for more information on birdhouse materials). Full birdhouse front to back ventilation gaps are designed into the left and right side to allow any solar metal heating to escape the nesting compartment.
From head to tail (not counting the topknot) the California Quail Birdhouse is just under 19 inches in length. From front to back is 6 inches deep (4 inches inside). In the first and last of the three photo series above the ventilation gaps can be seen. One is from the quail's bill to the back of the birdhouse (left photo). The other exists between the metal of the roof and the wooden door (right photo). The California Quail design is for the smallest cavity nesting species having a 1-1/8" entry hole (Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice and Wrens). The floor of the birdhouse is just about at mid-wing - 5-1/2 to 6 inches below the eye entry hole.