Opening the Trademark

Roll your mouse over the photo to the right to see how this design opens. A hole has been drilled through the right side and into the front of the birdhouse - in which an old bolt has been placed. A metal keeper is attached to the right side to keep the bolt in place. When the keeper is moved to the side the bolt can then be pulled out by hand allowing the front to be rotate downward from the top - no tools required.

At the bottom of the page are the tops of a few Trademark doors. Doors are the first part made from the selected old metal and wood to be used in a birdhouse. The rest of the design is constructed to complement the door.

Bluebirds like Fowl Places. This Western Bluebird male is keeping a watchful eye on the photographer.


The Trademark Birdhouse is Fowl Places' original birdhouse design and the most popular. Each incorporates an old glass utility pole insulator, one or more porcelain fence insulators, rusty metal banding as trim, a metal ridge cap for the roof, and a no tools opening system for inspection and cleaning of the birdhouse compartment (see animated opening door below). Mounting of the Trademark Birdhouses can be done with screws through the back or with wire threaded through the ventilation gaps where the roof meets the back of the sides. Each Fowl Places' birdhouse follows proper cavity nesting species design guidelines.

Basic Trademark Birdhouse dimensions range from 22" to 36" tall and from 10" to 12+" wide at the eves.

Six Trademark Birdhouses are pictured on this page. They represent the variety of appearances that can be achieved with this basic design. Differently colored woods, metals and insulators are utilized as well as modifying the dimensions of the birdhouse below the doors - yet all retain a proper nesting compartment size for various cavity nesting species.