Each Fowl Places Birdhouse Bench is unique - wood color will vary from dark browns to light grays. Previously painted/stained wood is also used depending on availability. The birdhouses on each end are made to match and are of the same interior dimensions as the Trademark Design birdhouses (entry hole sizes range from 1-1/8" to 1-3/8").

Suggested retail pricing on Birdhouse Benches begins at $900 and higher depending on the use of glass insulators with an increased value, additional old rusty implements and metal banding, bench size (up to 8 feet in total width), and the variety of old wood used.

Contact Fowl Places directly for further information on bench availability, wood colors in stock, shipping & handling, etc. The Birdhouse Bench can be separated into four sections for shipping.

To the left is a photo of one of the planter boxes from the Birdhouse Bench to the right. The boxes are designed to accommodate potted plants. Wooden runners with metal bracing are spaced to allow water from the potted plants to drain easily.

The two photos below are also of this same Birdhouse Bench - a detail of the old metal wheel and the center board of the bench back.

Birdhouses on the Birdhouse Benches are fully functional. Cavity nesting species which are most likely to nest in the birdhouses are Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, Tree & Violet Green Swallows and House Wrens.

Dimensions of the Birdhouse Bench are: overall length = 72", total height = 60" to 66", seat width = 46" to 48", depth of seat = 20". The interior dimensions of the planter boxes at each end measure at least 12" long by 6" wide (see detailed photo below).