The Hanging Hutch is currently Fowl Places' only hanging design. It is suspended from the front and back of the roof by two metal wires. The entire right side of the nesting compartment slides off for inspection and cleaning - no tools required (see photo below showing how this design opens). The mass of the glass insulator, with its low placement in the design, plus the addition of two hanging wires, minimizes the movement of the Hanging Hutch in the wind.

Hanging Hutch dimensions are: width at eves = 10" to 14", overall height = 14" to 18" (not counting wires), depth 10" to 14+" - at the ridge cap. Variations in size are due to differing interior compartment sizes bird species and thickness of old fence and/or barn woods used. Entry hole diameters on this design range from 1-1/8" to 1-3/8" - (designed for swallows and smaller cavity nesting species).

The Hanging Hutch to the right is hanging inside of an old wagon wheel tire suspended between a couple of tall poles. It overlooks the Little Spokane River in Northeastern Washington. The six birdhouses pictured below show different wood colors, metal trims and glass insulators. No two Hanging Hutches end up looking exactly alike.
These three photos are all of the same Hanging Hutch. A Mountain Chickadee is feeding its young a spider. A purple Whithall Tatum CD 154 Insulator was used in this design. For further information on glass insulators visit the National Insulator Association's website.
Opening the Hanging Hutch

Roll your mouse over the photo to the right to see how this design opens. A hole has been drilled through the right side and into the base of the birdhouse - in which an old bolt has been placed. A metal keeper is attached to the right side to keep the bolt in place. When the keeper is moved to the side the bolt can then be pulled out by hand allowing the right side to be removed downward. The right side is kept in place by this bolt, the metal trim on either side, and two wooden guides within the birdhouse.

Tree Swallows nested in this Hanging Hutch (photo taken 6/18/02).
Hanging the Hanging Hutch
Suspension wires are bent into custom shapes. They can be hung separately or gathered together (as in the bird silhouette shaped wires - which are hung from a hook in the eves of a house). Wires go through holes in the roof's ridge cap and protrude through the Hutch's eves where they are curled. Length of suspension may be adjusted be curling or uncurling the wires.