Additional and Custom Birdhouse Designs by Fowl Places
Custom Trademark Birdhouse by Fowl Places

owl Places is regularly creating new designs and modifying existing ones. If you desire something even a bit more unique you may find a design on this web page to your liking. An example of a Custom Trademark Birdhouse is pictured above and to the right.Whithall Tatum CD 154 Purple Glass Insulator - Fowl Places

Custom designs often include the addition of glass or porcelain insulators of higher value. The addition of a purple Whithall Tatum CD 154 insulator (pictured here - 4" tall, 3-3/4" base diameter) will increase the suggested retail price by at least $50. Other price increasing features can include extra metal work (see above), the addition of several insulators, added interesting old farm implement pieces, and/or increased overall size of the birdhouse..

Please see the Sales page for complete information on obtaining birdhouses directly from Fowl Places.
Suite 16 Colony Birdhouse by Fowl Places
Detail of Suite 16 Birdhouse Metal Roof & Porcelain Insulator by Fowl Places
Suite 16 Birdhouses are designed primarily for colony nesting species such as Violet-green Swallows and Martins. This particular birdhouse has been home to both Tree Swallows and Violet-green Swallows at the same time. The 16 nesting compartments individually open for inspection and cleaning (4 per side). The overall height of the photo to the right is approximately 7 feet. This roof contains over 250 individual metal tiles of copper and iron. The suggested retail pricing of these birdhouses begins at $1600.
Birdhouse Post by Fowl Places Birdhouse Post by Fowl Places
A Birdhouse Post can be made from the Trademark, Tall Trademark, Railroad, Asymmetric, and the Pendleton® Bobbin birdhouse designs. The two posts pictured are versions of the Trademark Design Birdhouse.

This design is essentially one of the rear posts of a Birdhouse Bench. It has a placement advantage in that it comes with its own mounting platform. The lower portion of the Birdhouse Post is hollow (interior dimensions range from 4" to 5-1/2" square). To place this birdhouse in a yard first sink a partial 4 X 4 post into the ground then sleeve the Birdhouse Post over the 4 X 4. A couple of screws through the side of the Birdhouse Post and into the partial 4 X 4 will hold it securely in place.

A closeup of the post to the left is shown below.
Detail of Bridhouse Post Showing Clear Hemingray CD 154 Insulator by Fowl Places
Top of 3-Tree Birdhouse Post Design by Fowl Places
3-Tree Custom Birdhouse Post Design by Fowl Places
The 3 Tree is a version of the Birdhouse Post
- with 3 birdhouses. The doors on this version
slide down and off - similar to the Hanging
Hutch opening system. Overall height is 7-1/2
to 8-1/2 feet.

Below is a detail of the right birdhouse roof.

Narrow Corrugated Roof Detail on 3-Tree Birdhouse Post by Fowl Places
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