Old wood stove "shakers" are often added to the Tall Trademark Birdhouses.
Each Tall Trademark incorporates an old door knob and faceplate as well as glass and porcelain insulators (add $25 for faceted glass doorknob). This design can be made for a wide variety of birds - from Chickadees to Woodpeckers (entry hole sizes from 1-1/8" to 3"). The nesting compartment does not extend the full length of the front for smaller cavity nesting species - the area under the nesting compartment is hollow and accessible from beneath. Wire, wood, or old long bolts are used in this area for roosting perches.

Tall Trademark Birdhouse dimensions are roughly 36" tall by 12-14" wide at the roof eves.

Versions of this design have also been made with 2 and 3 nesting compartments - one above the other - each with a separate door. For custom designs please visit the Additional Designs page - or contact Fowl Places directly.