Great for a retiring teacher! The Old School Birdhouse ($225+ shipping) incorporates a working brass bell in the bell tower (see detailed photos below) which just might ring should birds land on the attached wire. Each Old School Birdhouse is made from previously painted or stained fence and/or barn boards.

Old School Birdhouse dimensions are: width at eves = 12" to 13", overall height = 16" to 18", depth 8" to 9" - at base. Variations in size are due to varying interior compartment sizes. Entry hole diameters on this design range from 1-1/8" to 1-9/16" (designed for bluebirds and smaller cavity nesting species).

Old School Birdhouses are also made to open for ease of cleaning and inspection. A bolt holds the door shut. The bolt itself is held in place by a custom metal banding keeper located near the bottom right side of the birdhouse. Once the bolt is pulled out the door may be rotated upwards from the bottom exposing the interior nesting compartment. Corrugated metal is placed on the top of the base to help shed water. The interior floor is separate from this base and placed slightly above the corrugated metal to further help in keeping the interior nesting compartment dry.

The three Old School Birdhouses directly above and the one pictured at the top of the page are all different birdhouses (notice the differences in the old metal used for the doors and differences in the metal trim). The two photos below show the bell tower in better detail. They were both taken of the Old School Birdhouse pictured on the right above (the one with the narrow corrugated metal on the roof). The dimensions of the bell are roughly 1-3/4" at the base and 1-3/4" tall - the arched opening in the bell tower is 1-3/8" wide. The photo on the right below shows the entire wire that is attached to the bell hanger.

Below are four of the Old School Birdhouses pictured on this page. They are sitting on a bench amongst tall Canary Grass and facing west near sunset. This site is along the Little Spokane River just north of Chattaroy, WA - USA.