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Here you'll find unique, originally designed wooden birdhouses and outdoor furniture, all made with cavity nesting birds and our environment in mind. Excepting the use of new connecting hardware (screws and occasionally nuts, bolts and washers - no nails nor staples are used) all additional materials consist of previously used woods, porcelain and glass insulators, rusty metal banding and other used hardware, metal sheeting, old farm implements, and etc. Rusty metal used in construction became that way naturally - absolutely no chemicals are used to treat Fowl Places products. Old fence and barn wood colors come from natural weathering and/or previously applied paints and stains. Each birdhouse nesting compartment is also constructed to open without the use of tools - for ease of cleaning and inspection.

Pictured to the left is a Pendleton® Bobbin Birdhouse designed exclusively for Pendleton Woolen Mills. Try the "Pendleton Home" store in Portland, Oregon to see if they have any in stock. The Pendleton® Bobbin Birdhouse can also be ordered from Fowl Places.

What's new at Fowl Places? Recent & Future Happenings are shown below. The Fowl Places website is updated regularly as new birdhouse designs are added and events are scheduled. Fowl Places Contact Information is also found below.

(Website last updated April 4th, 2011)

Select any photo below for further information on a particular birdhouse design. These birdhouses are available through the fine retail locations listed on the Sales page. You may order directly from Fowl Places. Further information on how to acquire one of these unique birdhouses is listed on the Sales page as well.
North American cavity nesting species for which Fowl Places birdhouses are designed are: Mountain, Western & Eastern Bluebirds, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, House Wrens, House Finches and Tree & Violet Green Swallows.
Trademark Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Asymmetric Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Railroad Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Pendleton® Bobbin Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Pendleton® Bobbin Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Hanging Hutch - Fowl Places
Old School Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Additional Birdhouses - Fowl Places
Old School Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Pendleton® Bobbin Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Birdhouse Planter - Fowl Places
Tall Trademark Birdhouse - Fowl Places
Birdhouse Bench - Fowl Places
  Still making web pages for ..... The Rooster Roost Birdhouse - $175 and the Star Birdhouse - $125. The Rooster Roost is designed for Bluebirds and smaller cavity nesting species (it has a 1-9/16" entry hole 6" above the 5" x 5" floor of the interior nesting compartment). The Star Birdhouse is designed for the smallest cavity nesting species: Chickadees, Nuthatches and Wrens (it has a 1-1/8" entry hole). For now you can see larger images of these two at this link.
  Artist Nancy LaBerge Muren has used a Custom Hanging Hutch birdhouse in one of her "Backyard Bird Series" watercolors. Prints and greeting cards of this watercolor are available from Muren. For further information, and a larger image of this beautiful watercolor, please visit the Nancy LaBerge Muren web page on this website. The birdhouse featured in the painting now has a happy yard in Livingston, Montana.
  Fowl Places has designed two birdhouses for Pendleton® Woolen Mills incorporating old woolen mill wooden bobbins. These birdhouses are available through the Pendleton Home store in downtown Portland, Oregon and can be ordered from Fowl Places. For further information on these birdhouses click on the birdhouse. For further information on the Pendleton Home stores select the Pendleton® logo.
  Fowl Places' birdhouses are designed to meet the Nestbox Approval criteria of the North American Bluebird Society. Good birdhouse design & construction is essential for cavity nesting bird health and survival. Please visit the NABS website to learn more on this topic.
Above is the listing of the current Fowl Places website pages. The Sales page contains contact information on retail outlets for Fowl Places products and direct ordering information. The Features page describes how Fowl Places birdhouses are designed to be proper homes for cavity nesting bird species - along with additional information on the unique materials used in construction. The Feathered Friends page is 'for the birds' (this web page is under construction). These rollover links in a smaller form are found near the bottom of each web page for website navigation.

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